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Personal Debt Collection Services

It’s common for people to consider debt recovery as an activity that only large businesses with in-house accounts teams or legal departments undertake. But in reality private individuals are just as likely to also be owed money by friends, family and businesses.

Some of the common types of private debts that are often owed to individuals include:

  • Personal loan to a family member or friend
  • Loan to a business, employer or start-up
  • Proceeds from the sale of private goods (car, equipment etc.)
  • Rent owed by a lodger that has moved out
  • Wages not paid by an employer
  • Bounced cheque
  • Deposit not returned
  • Refund not provided

Just like a business if you experience problems with the repayment of a debt or collection of a personal loan you need to take action, and we offer various fixed fee legal solutions to help recover money owed to you.

Our fixed fee personal debt collection services.

How to recover a debt from an individual? ​

In the majority of cases a debt recovery letter from a solicitor can be sufficient action to recover the monies owed, and we offer a straightforward service to draft and send this letter. Should a debt recovery solicitor’s letter not result in repayment, you can then optionally move to issue court proceedings.

Our debt recovery solutions are competitively fixed price to cater for most budgets and circumstances with no deductions taken from the amount owed.  We can take hassle out of the legal formalities of corresponding with your debtor and issuing legal proceedings to recover the debt. Unlike instructing a debt collection agency for individuals, when you instruct Essex Law Limited your case will be dealt with by a qualified solicitor with over twenty years’ experience in civil litigation. ​

Our fixed fee services are appropriate for most debts £25,000 and under that were incurred in  the UK (England or Wales). This classification is commonly referred to as a ‘Small Claim’ or ‘Fast Track Claim’. If the amount you need to recover is over £25,000, we can still assist and please get in touch with your requirements.

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