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Debt Recovery Services

Bad debts have an impact on cashflow and can affect business performance. Recent research found that the average bad debt suffered by SMEs has increased by a third from £12,000 in Q1 2014, to £16,000 in Q2 2018. If your credit control procedures are losing the fight, then Essex Law can help. 

Any business has the right to be paid on time for the goods or services it has provided. If your customers fail to pay you Essex Law can recover the debt through the Courts.

Just like a business, as an individual you can be owed money too. Some example of personal debts are:

  • Loan to an individual not repaid
  • Proceeds from a sale not repaid
  • Rent owed by a lodger that has moved out
  • Wages not paid by an employer
  • Deposit not returned
  • Refund not provided
  • Loan to a company and not repaid
  • Bounced cheque

Our clients range from Individuals, SMEs and large companies across the country. We recover the debt through the Courts but always give the debtor the chance to pay first before taking Court action.

Essex Law – Debt Recovery Specialists

We assess each Claim individually and decide at the outset the quickest way to get your money back.

We will also assess your paperwork upon which the debt is based to see whether you are entitled to:

  • Contractual interest and costs; or
  • Statutory interest and costs; and
  • Damages.

Pre-action letters will be sent giving strict timelines to respond before we issue a Claim.

If we receive no response, to our letter we will issue a Claim at Court. We will talk you through each stage individually, updating you in relation to our fees, requesting your instructions and act on them accordingly.

For straight forward undisputed cases this work can be undertaken on a fixed fee basis. Examples of our costs are set out on our Fees page.

Essex Law’s team have been specialising in Debt Recovery for over 15 years. Come to us for sensible advice.

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